Friendly Personal Injury Solicitors Website Starts Up in London

The business of personal injury law can be a very competitive one, and none more so than in the capital city of England, London.  There are many accident claim specialists in this city as it’s one of the largest metropolis areas in the whole world.  It might be because it’s such a busy place, with so many people and businesses crammed into it, that there are so many instances of personal injury compensation claims that end up going to court.  So whilst it might be an extremely competitive city in which to be a personal injury solicitor, there is probably always going to be room for another London personal injury solicitor website – especially one that aims to be extremely friendly and understanding towards its clients.

Friendly and Approachable Injury Solicitors

That’s exactly the space that the new and friendly UK Injury Solicitors in London website aims to fill, and the man behind the new operation, Jason Tweedy, had this to say:

“I’ve worked in the no win no fee industry for a number of years now, and if there’s one thing that I hear a lot of people saying, it’s that they find dealing with solicitors quite an intimidating process.  My new website aims to take that feeling away, and I am going to be working with some of the friendliest and most expert personal injury lawyers that London has to offer.”

Makes Great Use of Video and Social Media

After speaking with Jason Tweedy he also mentions that one way in which the new website will be aiming to put client’s minds at rest when dealing with their lawyers is to have video profiles of each solicitor featured on the website.  This will let prospective personal injury clients see how the solicitor is, and should make them seem a lot more approachable than they might otherwise be.  In fact, the whole social media strategy around the new London personal injury solicitors website is a very strong one with a very good presence on places such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and also YouTube – you can see an example of one of their YouTube videos embedded below.

Contact Them to Make a Personal Injury Claim in London

If you are living and working in London, and have had an accident, whether at work or in public, then make sure you get in touch with these guys via their website.  They will be able to very quickly tell you whether or not you are eligible to file a personal injury claim and will be able to give a degree of an indication on how much compensation you might be able to claim.  They are able to work on a no win no fee basis and are amongst the most reputable accident claims and negligence lawyers in the London area.

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